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    HI, I usted to have my emails and my web page by wordpress […] , but a couple of months I changed my domain to a custom web made by a programmer. I wanted to have the emails directly by gmail, not to have three providers.(wordpress, programmer and gmail)
    Now my emails are not working and gmail tells me that my problem will be solved in 20 days. What can I do to solve my emails?:
    I need to work now, and i can´t wait 20 days!
    Can you help me? I have thee more months in wordpress but I regret to unsubscribe from wordpress and now I can´t have any.
    Can you help me or can you tell me how i can contact in gmail?

    The problem is that the domain […] was registered with wordpress, so when I closed the wordpress account, I lost the domain.
    It´s possible to buy the domain or reactivate the wordpress account?Thanks!

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    • This topic was modified 8 meses by  galois.

    El blog con el que necesito ayuda es sankalpaconsultorarrhh.wordpress.com.

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